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Ora Advertising is a specialist integrated advertising company that covers all aspects of face to face promotions and sales. Making sure that your brand is communicated in the right way, at the right time to the right consumer is Ora Advertisings key success factor. How many times have you seen something on TV or read a magazine that advertised a specific product and did not jump at the opportunity to purchase it right away? It is not only important to make sure you target your customers at the right time so they are free to purchase your brand, but also to make sure that your product is accessible. If you only promote your brand in retail shops, this would mean that your target market would have to make a concerted effort to purchase your brand. These days, consumers just don’t have time and turn to more convenient options.

Ora Advertising works with brands within the telecommunications industry and this year looking to branch out into other industries and work with brands in the entertainment and charity sector. Our specialist sales techniques are adaptable and are designed to be flexible so we can work in multiple industries and various geographic market segments.

Competition is greater then ever so our clients are always looking for that competitive edge. Gaining new market share is crucial to any companies survival and that is where we come in. We are not specialists in creating awareness, we are specialists in generating new paying customers. Our clients don’t make money from people knowing about their brand, they make money from people buying their brand. With our tailored flexible sales techniques and systems we are able to help them stay ahead of their competition by increasing their market share quickly.

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